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About Us

Our restaurant and our family, what we do, and what we stand for.  



We are committed to the culinary arts with a focus on contemporary and rustic cuisine. We provide our guests the best quality ingredients available to us by embracing and supporting our local small organic farms and fisheries. Authenticity has always been at the core of our vision. We are always questioning and ever evolving.

Our staff and family believe in mentoring our youth through the Culinary Arts. It has been our tradition for over 20 years, teaching children about healthy food choices through cooking demonstrations and special hands on cooking classes at our local school organic gardens.

Our Historical Property


Some years ago we (The Georis family) were walking along 5th street between San Carlos and Mission, when we suddenly heard a gentle “Hello”. The sound came from behind a screen door in a tiny run down house, just past the Shell station. We approached the door and met Aunt Fairy Bird peering though the screen, a small black lady who had lived there for over 50 years.

Her house in downtown Carmel, was in truth, a shack, but it was coveted by nearby landowners. She lived there alone for many years. When she passed away at 90, we learned that she had once been Charlie Chaplin's cook, and her husband Tom had been a popular handyman in Carmel.

While cleaning up her house, her executor found a many Social Security checks that she had saved, hidden in the pages of newspapers and magazines. With him we helped open her safety deposit box and found a gold watch and two $2 bills. Aunt Fairy Bird’s place is now occupied by Casanova Restaurant.

Approach it with some reverence.

-The Carmel Pine Cone

In 1977 we remodeled the home with traditional Belgian architecture influence. The restaurant represents Carmel-by-the-Sea's quaint, old fashioned design. 

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